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Prism I (Iontophoresis) provides the most stabilized and optimum energy by measuring the skin moisture and resistance values and supplying electric energy.
Functions of Prism I
Negative(-) - Sodium hydroxide, through an alkaline reaction, removes sebum and peels horny substances the layer of the skin to make it smooth and clean.
  - Melasma, freckles or flecks can be controlled as ionized vitamin C permeates deep into the skin.
  - Useful for permeation of water-soluble vitamins.
  - Flushing and vascular expansion promote blood circulation to improve condition of the skin.
Positive(+) - Formation of hydrochloric acid recovers acid layer, sedates the skin, contracts pores and eliminates waste matter, effective for acne peeling and removal.
Polarity(+,-) - Weak acid reaction keeps the pH 4.5- 6.5 to make the skin healthy and ideal.
  - Weak acid reaction protects the skin from bacteria and dust by removing dead horny substances destroying natural sebum membranes.
  - Crossing flow of (-) ions and (+) ions reinforces connective collagen and elastin tissues to improve skin elasticity.
Power supply  220V/60Hz
Out consumption  5W
Electric current  20A ~ 1000A
Carrier Frequency  20,000Hz
Weight  1,1Kg
Size(mm)  340 * 400 * 900

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