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AMCR Technologe
1. Impedance Auto Scanning System
2. Tip-to-Skin Detection : Prevents RF & Diode Laser delivery if all surface of the tip are not in contact with the skin
3. AMCR Technology incorporates novel, patented cooling system which effectively overcome the limitation of previously available RF Systemc
LCD Control Panel
Contact Cooling System can be adijusted
between -2'C~20'C
RF energies of Thermatrix are delivered to tissue with continuous contact cooling which provides additional patient comfort, epidermal protection and can reduce burn or PIH
LCD Control Panel
Laserpolar(RF & Diode Laser)
Laserpolar(RF & Diode Laser) is a method maximizing the effectiveness of skin treatment by the high Radio Frequency and Diode Laser. Bipolar RF energy provide (bulk) heating to the deeper dermis which is independent of skin color and 915nm Laser is a safe & effective energy for improving rhytides, skin texture, skin tone, and laxity of the skin. Laserpolar can controllable thermal damage to the dermis that initiates collagen regeneration, turnover and deposition.
Smart Cool Bipolar
Smart Cool Bipolar is the safest technology available. Smart Cool Bipolar, in addition to reducing cellulite and body volume, also induces collagen contraction which results in tightened, younger looking skin.
Smart Cool Monopolar
Smart Cool Monopolar helps increase the temperature of deep dermis & hyperdermis with 3~5cm in depth, improving reducing cellulite and body volume,also induces collagen contraction which results in tightened.
Model Name  Thermatrix (IS-801)
Power Supply  220V/60Hz
Output Consumption  Max 600W
Cooling  -2'C ~ 20'C
Safty Class  Class 4 Laser Product
Dimension  350mm X 680mm X 1700mm
Weight  65kg
Laser Output  Optical Energy :Up to 50J/cm2 adjustable, 2J/cm2 step)
 Wavelength : 915nm
 Pulse Duration : 500ms Max (30%)
 Auto and Adjustable (0.3-2.0Hz)
RF Output  Frequency : 1.0Mhz 1%, Sine Wave
 Energy : Up to 100J/cm3 adjustable, 5J/cm3 step
Smart Cool RF
Technology  Bipolar, Monopolar & AMCR (Automatic Multi Cold RF)
RF Energyt  Monopolar : adjustable 35J/cm3 ~ 58J/cm3
 Bipolar : adjustable 35J/cm3 ~ 58J/cm3
Frequency  6Mhz (Smart Cool RF)
Pulse Repetition  5ms (200Hz)
Spot Size  45
Inpedance Control  Automatic Online / Audio Signal
CEO : Won-seop lee
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