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Vitamin Plus is highly effective in liver spot, wrinkles, freckles and skin aging & lightening and adopt IMPEDANCE AUTO SCANNING SYSTEM.
What Impedance Auto Scanning System is..
provides the most stabilized and optimum energy by measuring the skin moisture and resistance values
and supplying electric energy.
Keeps finding moisture or skin resistance in different regions and supplies the optimum current and voltage automatically to maximize the permeation of ionized medicine.

(1) Soothing Function(+ ion):
Formation of hydrochloric acid recovers acid layer, sedates the skin, contracts pores and eliminates waste matter, effective for acne peeling and removal.
(2) Vitamin C Function(- ion):
Sodium hydroxide, through an alkaline reaction, removes sebum and peels horny substances from
the layer of the skin to make it smooth and clean.
Melasma, freckles or flecks can be controlled as ionized vitamin C permeates deep into the skin.
Useful for permeation of water-soluble vitamins.
Flushing and vascular expansion promote blood circulation to improve condition of the skin.
(3) Lifting Function(+, - ion):
Weak acid reaction keeps the ph4.5-6.5 to make the skin healthy and ideal.
Weak acid reaction protects the skin from bacteria and dust by removing dead horny substances without destroying natural sebum membrances.
Crossing flow of (-)ions and (+)ions reinforces connective collagen and elastin tissues to improve
skin elasticity.

Nama of Product  Vitamin Plus
Model  IS 6007
Rated Voltage  AC 230V / 50 Hz (working voltage : AC 220V 10%)
Rated Current  AC230V, 1 A(max)
Consumption Elec.Power  Max 10mw, Min 4mw
Dimension  250(W)270(D) 80(H)
Supply Currentt  Modified square wave
Carrier Frequency  20,000Hz
Weight  1.1 kg
CEO : Won-seop lee
Address : Rm308, Ssangyong IT Twin Tower A-dong, 537, Dunchon-daero, Jungwon-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, South KOREA
TEL : +82-31-608-5241 / FAX : +82-31-608-5245 / Business license : 215-81-95485 / E-mail :
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